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Fam. F. Melchior-Lanicca
CH - 7440 Andeer/ GraubŁnden

Tel . ++41 (0)81 66 111 97

Activities in and around the Rofflaschlucht

on foot
Located along the trails via Spluga and Walserweg GraubŁnden, we have also this connection to various wonderful high altitude trails.

The national cycle route No. 6 runs beneath the house. Similarly, from our hotel different mountainbike trails can be reached.

In Pass Country GraubŁnden there are endless possibilities for tours, also in wonderful side valleys, all on winding roads. A special treat forms "our" turn of the road in front of the house where the curve technology and the machines of the "competition" can be thoroughly observed and studied from the sundeck.
By the way, for motorcyclists, which are resident of our hotel, is the garage available with repair corner.
Grand Tour of Switzerland
The "Route 66 of Switzerland" also leads past us. Here the whole route with some details and links. (in german)
also must have experienced
Inforama Valle di Lei (in german)
Marmot Trail Avers-Juppa (in german)
Festungsmuseum Crestawald (in german)
Mineralbad Andeer (in german)
Church Zillis (in german)
Viamala Gorge (in german)
the Railway Albula line of the RhB (Unesco World Heritage)