Hotel  /  Restaurant  /  Felsengalerie zum Wasserfall
Fam. F. Melchior-Lanicca
CH - 7440 Andeer/ Graubünden

Tel . ++41 (0)81 66 111 97

Getting there:
You can reach us via the A13 / E43. Exit Avers-Rofla (NR26). Then follow the brown "Roflaschlucht" -signs. Approximately 500m from the exit. Detail ->


GPS: 46 ° 34'55.04 N width 'length E 9 ° 25'16.79' '

Height: 1100 meters above sea-level

The A13 in images (exits and tunnels)

Rofflaschlucht or Roflaschlucht?
On road maps Roflaschlucht is mostly written with only one "f".
We write it with 2 "f" (Rofflaschlucht).
However, both are referring to the same location.

Route planner (Google Maps):

Start location: