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The story of the waterfall

The Rofflaschlucht - the Roffla Gorge - Inn has been standing here for generations.
The road going past it used to be the only route to Italy across the Alps for miles around. lt was once a resting place for people and animals.

In 1882 the Gotthard railway connection was opened and nearly all of the traffic started to cross the mountains there.
Christian Pitschen Melchior's family, who were living in the inn at that time, had no more source of income, and so they decided to emigrate to America, although they did not much better there either.

One day, Christian Pitschen went to the Niagara Falls as a servant and recognized that it was a popular sight and that money could be made there.

The family decided to return to Switzerland to try and open up the Roffla waterfall. During the winters of 1907 - 1914 they worked in the gorge.
Around 8000 loads of explosives were necessary to get through the rock, not to mention endurance and strength.